What Songs To Play On Your Wedding

I always recommend starting by separating the ceremony from the party.

At the ceremony, classical themes are suggested such as the “Hallelujah” of Haendel’s Messiah or his “Canticorum”, “Lascia ch’io Pianga” or “Heil, heil, heil”. Also the theme “Die Himmel Erzählen” by Haydn, his work the Creation, the “Ave María” by Schubert, the “Gloria” by Vivaldi. Also, musicians like Mozart are used, we can choose a multitude of compositions like: “Alleluia”, “Laudate Dominum”. From other authors, we can choose: “How Beautiful” (from “Messiah”), “He shall feed his flock”, by Handel, the “Panis Angelicus” by Franck, the “Et in Unum” by Bach or the “Amen” of Pergolesi. The possibilities are many and varied.

You can also choose a romantic song that means a lot to both of you for the entrance of the bridesmaids and then put the bridal march when it is time for your entry.

For the party; the first dance! Here is where you need to take more time to think about what to choose. It must be a decision together with your fiancé. A song that reminds them of your story, or the first song you danced together, or the one you dedicate to each other or, why not, a remix of the most significant songs, that does not last longer than 4 minutes.

There is also the tendency to surprise guests with a choreography that has different rhythms and all of them combine songs of great significance for both.

Following you must also choose a song so that both of you dance with your parents (you with your father and the groom with his mother).

On the other hand, we propose you a very original idea that will not only give you a unique memory of your wedding but will keep your guests entertained. We call it marryoke. It is a song that you choose which is fun, and you both like it. We print out the lyrics, bring a speaker and the production team to film your guests singing and dancing small fragments of the song. Then we edit it with the original track of the song simulating that your guests are singing it and that way you will have a parody version of the song.

Finally, I suggest that you make a list of at least 10 songs that you want the band or DJ to play that night. While it is a party and everyone wants to have fun, do not forget that it is your one and unique day to celebrate your union, so do not forget those songs to dance together and create more unique memories of your wedding celebration.

As I always say, celebrate together, sometimes the party is over, and you have not shared much time as a couple, that day is yours, and you must maintain a balance between sharing with the guests and having time for you and enjoy such a unique day.

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