Top 10 Of Most Popular Flowers To Use In Your Wedding

Top 10 Of Most Popular Flowers To Use In Your Wedding

The world of flowers is immense, and with so many options it is easy to get confused, and the choice becomes more difficult. I always suggest the brides choose based on their personality, the type of wedding they want and, above all, the weather.

Below I give you the top 10 of flowers most recommended for their elegance, sobriety and the occasion for which they are more appropriate. (It is true that it is not an easy choice!).

It is not the same to get married in winter or autumn than in spring or summer. Each station offers different flowers, and they are more suitable depending on the weather so they look perfect and do not break down right away. For example, in Autumn, chrysanthemums, dahlias, coves, asters (known as “star flowers”) or heather as a bush are elegant and also add colour to the environment where you place it.

In summer, however, you need flowers that withstand the high temperatures and that look cool and beautiful all day long. Some of the most typical of this time are jasmine, lilac, gardenia or magnolia, among many others.

This is the top 10 for us according to our experience:


1. Tulips are among the favourites of brides especially for the development of their bouquet because they are in many colours and they are very elegant. They complement each other perfectly with open and enclosed spaces and leave an incredible smell! The tulips will give the cheerful touch to a beautiful rustic place. They will be the centre of attention!

2. Orchids are exquisite wedding flowers presented in a wide range of colours such as white, light pink, intense pink, lilac and purple. The orchids symbolise seduction, sensuality and beauty; they are sophisticated flowers that subtly enhance the spaces, thanks to their stylized form. These flowers are available in different sizes and colours, so they are easy to handle and can be used in various details of the wedding, such as centrepieces, bouquet or boutonnieres.

According to their colour, they communicate a different sensation; the white orchids represent pure love. If you choose them pink they mean a seductive love and if they are of a dark colour, they indicate a passionate and instinctive love. The orchids are perfect for formal weddings at night.

3. Roses, these flowers are perfect to create a romantic wedding decoration and can be found in the traditional red, white, pink, yellow, orange, and a variation of pink that is now very fashionable since it is used a lot in vintage wedding decoration: baby roses or mini roses.

Roses are trendy flowers at weddings since they have always been associated with the love and passion of relationships, even more, if they are red. Roses are versatile, easy to get and manipulate. They are an excellent option for formal weddings.

4. Lilies are one of the most used wedding flowers both day and night thanks to the variety of colours in which they come, from neutral to intense.

Lilies are renowned for their delicacy, beauty and the elegance they convey. They are versatile and allow forming all kinds of ornaments and combining with other flowers. 

Lilies are aromatic flowers of bright colours and symbolise majesty, honour and truth. It has a unique style and comes in different sizes so that you can use them for the centrepieces of your wedding, the adornments of the chairs and your bridal bouquet. If you want to combine them, you can choose roses of the same colour but in a less firm tone so as not to dim the lilies.

5. Jasmines are flowers that have an intense perfume, represent order, protection and spirituality. In India, they are used as a symbol of love and in bridal garlands. White jasmine is also used quite often in elegant weddings for its elegance and delicate fragrance. You can combine it with other flowers, but ideally, let the jasmine shine with its light. It is recommended for day weddings, as its fragrance decreases at night.

6. Lotus flower represents perfection, spiritual illumination, creation and purity. It is perfect for weddings that start at sunset because right at this time of day the flower opens its petals and shows its beauty. The Lotus flower in pink colour favours the spiritual growth and the union between two energies, that’s why it is perfect for weddings with a natural environment.

7. Hydrangeas are flowers that are used mainly as foliage; however, they can be used alone as they are elegant and romantic. They are perfect for weddings in warm weather either day or night. The hydrangeas are in pastel colours like purple, green, blue, pink and white. They are economic flowers.

8. Baby Breath (Gypsophila), is the flower of Innocence. It is a small and delicate flower, which is usually used as foliage or accompaniment of some larger flower. The flower Baby Breath or gypso, is characterised by having many branches and a multitude of white flowers, in some cases very light pink. They are discreet and straightforward; they are also called bridal veil, they are an excellent option for country weddings.

9. Peonies are perfect for a classic style wedding.

They are beautiful, they symbolise prosperity, good health and a happy marriage, so what better way to start a marriage than with a wedding decorated with them!

It is a flower of May and June, so if you celebrate your wedding on those dates, it will be ideal! Closed or open, alone or combined with other flowers, the truth is that the peonies are pretty in any of its variants. The colours range from white to pink, coral and even red.

10. Calla lilies are known for their beautiful trumpet shape and sweet smell, and also represent magnificence and beauty — in fact, the word “calla” is derived from the Greek word for grace. These lovely flowers are perfect additions to any floral arrangement, and you’ll have many different calla lily options to choose from when you place your order through Blooms by the Box. We offer calla lilies in two sizes: large and mini. Large calla lilies can be ordered in bouquets or open cuts, and are available in white with several more colour options available for mini calla lilies, including black, lavender, peach, orange and even a purple and white version called Picasso. 

Do not forget to accompany these beautiful flowers with Hydrangea paniculata, ivy and lilac. You will create a spectacular decoration for your wedding.

Remember that we are here to help you with whatever you need for the big day.

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