2019 Bridesmaids Dress Trends

2019 Bridesmaids Dress Trends

One of my best friends is getting married next year – which also means a trip to Colombia! -. Among his biggest concerns and the issues that have taken her the longest, is to define the dress for her bridesmaids. Thinking about the colour,  the shape, the cut, etc…she is losing her mind

In early Roman times, it was the bridesmaids’ job to form a protective shield as they walked the bride to the groom’s village. The bridesmaids were to protect the bride from any vindictive past lovers with malicious intent. The bridesmaids wore dresses similar to the bride to not only confuse her duped exes but also to outsmart evil spirits.

In this century, couples are more based on their style and personality. The key point is to have a cohesive element, be it the colour, fabric or dress. Give the bridesmaids a colour palette or even the exact colour and tone you prefer, and let them choose a style of dress in which they feel more comfortable and happy.

Also think that if your bridesmaids have very different styles, ages or tastes, it might be an excellent alternative to let each one wear the shape they prefer; also 2019 will bring very original styles and for all tastes.

The fact that the dresses of your bridesmaids will have their “thumbprints” is also a way to give them a voice at your wedding, to let them be themselves and to feel comfortable. At the same time, you will have a more original and creative wedding.

I am going to leave you a series of photos with the trends that are coming up for 2019. Pinterest brings us a thousand options of excellent suppliers and creators. I have chosen the most innovative and those that ultimately go out of the ordinary (ok fine! I also brought a few more traditional, so everyone can see options depending on their tastes).

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any idea or help with the dresses or anything else.

All my love.


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