Wedding Colour Palette 2019

Wedding Colour Palette 2019

Today we bring you recommendations of color palettes.
The truth is that the place, the weather and many other factors will make some colors work better than others, but today we will focus on combinations and ideas for you to choose as you like.

We are ¨green fans¨. Yes, a lot of green. We refer to the floral design. YES yes, pine, fern, eucalyptus, ivy, monstera, ruscus, etc. Green!
We think it fills the event with a warm atmosphere and sets the mood for a great day. You can combine it with other colours if you want. Flowers or different themes. But EVEN, Having a wedding in green only is a marvel and trend for this year.

Here we give you several ideas to inspire you.

Yes, we leave you several shades, colors and styles … not only green!


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