How To Organize Your Wedding Day

Usually, brides think about the photographer, video, band, cake, and excellent food of course. Etc.
But what so many brides often dismiss its the importance of the timing and even more the space between activities and moments. It sounds easy, but trust me, when you have so many people celebrating with you, different ages, cultures, tastes; It’s complicated to build a mood so everyone is comfortable and enjoying.

It will always depend on the type of guests you have, but I will suggest the following aspects to have on mind when planning your minute by minute.

1. Make sure people have things to do between the different moments of your wedding day. For instance, let’s say you have a 2 hours sitting dinner. While it is good enough time to have food, talk to family and friends and, it also gives you some time to enjoy your day. It might also turn long for some people once finished dinner. So if you set up a photocall and the memory álbum at the same time, people who finished the food, would have a chance to go and take fun photos and leave you a nice message on your book. Or a magic show that goes table by table during dinner could help to entertain and integrate different guests. Be creative. Just try to think about the different needs, and of course, it’s about a middle ground.

2. When you’re preparing a welcome cocktail so everyone can say hi and congratulate you. Think about the grandpas and aunties that want to seat, and please, have a nice space for them to be integrated to the scene, please don’t sit them in a corner, people do this quite often and obviously, they do not feel part of the whole thing. Just some nice sofás and tables with snacks are right for them and they get to talk to people without needing to be standing.

3. Besides the fact that it is your big day and a couple of hours for you to celebrate your love. You are a host indeed, so it is very important that you plan ahead how to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy the day. So when the night brights and music fills the room for the party, take some time to talk to people, make sure Dj and band play music for different ages and tastes.

4. OK, now, this one is for you, and it is a very important one because the day will go fast, you will have no time for much, and the excitement will fill you. We need to make sure you eat and drink enough water. So I always advise having a member of the catering team taking care of the groom and bride, so you guys have everything you need and don’t ¨forget to eat¨. Sounds crazy, but happens more often than you think.

It´s all about details and thinking like a guest. If you need any help or suggestions, just drop us a message.
Wishing you an awesome preparation for your big day!

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