Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings

The field, the beach, a forest, the beautiful gardens of a farm, a rooftop of an urban hotel, among other places, are great wedding settings for the dreamed “Yes, I want”.

Spaces that invite us and allow us to celebrate the ceremony and the banquet in the same place in a single space. What will allow you to enjoy more with your loved ones. Added to this, being outdoors multiplies the options to develop more creative and original ideas, as a result you will be able to see some dream photos, as well as a wedding video full of magic, in an outdoor environment.

  • Romantic Atmosphere.

Even if you carry out Ann outdoor ceremony in the city, surely the environment that surrounds you will be full of romance thanks to the plants, various decorations ideas… And it is that outdoors environments allow a great flexibility of space, a distribution to your tastes, and in short, greater possibility and freedom of customization. Depending on the time of the day the celebration takes place, you can have a beautiful starry sky. Outdoor wedding ideas will flow on their own!

  • Great views and good weather!

The landscape and surroundings will become a great dream wedding background photocall. Do you prefer to have a “yes, I do” by the sea with the soft murmur of the waves as background music? Or do you prefer a mountain with magnificent views from above? As if you are opting for a wedding in the field or the forest surrounded bye nature. You can also enjoy the possibilities offered by the urban landscape that is seen from the top of the terrace of a hotel. Any of these scenarios will make your family and friends fall in love…

Despite not being an essential condition, the most common is that the outdoor weddings are held in the spring and summer months, although depending on some regions or the weather in some areas, also in autumn and winter. It is important to have a plan B in case of wind, rain or even strong heat; as simple as contemplating the option of renting some beautiful tents or awnings for outdoor weddings. You have to be prepared for any circumstances. And it is that in the assembly for outdoor weddings it means not leaving anything to chance! We can help you with this (and many other things).

  • The Photo and Video Session Will Be Wonderful!

One of the great advantages of holding weddings outdoor is that you will have the best possible setting for the photo session and video development. The professional photographer and videographer will achieve unique shots. The colors and the light will be spectacular.

  • Displacement will not be necessary

Another great advantage is that these places have spaces to celebrate the civil ceremony in the open air. So you can have both, the ceremony and the celebration in the same place without travel.

  • The Banquet Surrounded y Nature

If you choose a natural space for the “yes, I do” an the celebration. It will be perfect to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which to eat in the most different way. The shade of the trees, the lighting as a row of suspended bulbs, the garden areas, for example, will be perfect to generate this dreamlike atmosphere. Even candy bar sweets are more appetizing in this space.

  • An Incredible Decoration

In the decoration of outdoor weddings, natural elements cannot be missed. Wood will be a must in all kinds of celebrations, mainly in the rustic and country ones, as well as the shells, sand or starfish if you choose a marine wedding. You must also take into account the plants and flowers, flower arrangements for outdoor weddings are essential, regardless of their aesthetic (more classic, vintage, boho or romantic…). Achieving maximum harmony will guarantee you the 10th and for that there must be a wedding concept from which all inspiration comes.

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