Nayra & Miguel | Colorful explosion for the big day

Nayra & Miguel | Colorful explosion for the big day

The use of colors and textures were key to the staging. The palette was filled with vibrant colors perfect for summer and the gardens of the Hotel Botánico, where Nayra and Miguel’s wedding took place.

The exotic tones combined with the neutral colors of the wood helped us achieve a warm environment, and above all, an atmosphere that reflected the couple’s personality. We carefully selected each element to create a decoration that bore the stamp of our newlyweds. If you like colors and want to see several new alternatives, we invite you to visit the website of Lucia se Casa, which has very interesting proposals.

In short, this creative display of elements and their combination demonstrates how any space can be transformed into a captivating atmosphere. At the end of the day, decoration is a way to express yourself and create an environment that surprises all the guests.

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