Gifts for newlyweds

Gifts for newlyweds

Have you been invited to a wedding and you don’t want to go unnoticed with your gift? Do you want to make it original, daring but also hit it? In this post we launch several proposals so you can make the most original gift of all!


Create a video with photos of the happy couple with family, friends, when they were young, etc. Add funny phrases with old photos and a song that means something to them. Let the whole set transport the bride and groom to other times and memories that have led them to be celebrating the most important day of their lives, their wedding.


Flashmob is a group of people dancing to the rhythm of music, a choreography prepared in advance, where the guests join little by little. It is one of the most difficult wedding gifts to organise and should be hidden from the bride and groom. But if rehearsals are prepared and organised in advance, it can be done!


If you prefer it classic and think that money is one of those gifts for newlyweds that never fail at weddings, this is the one for you! But let us show you how to be more original! You can choose to give them the entire amount of the gift in coins, for example, putting them in jars of honey and things like that (the smaller the better, more if they are cents) or, in the contrary, in small bills. Is there any way that you can keep the newlyweds entertained?


Sometimes the best details are the most unexpected. To make the perfect gift you don’t have to spend a fortune. The best gifts are those that create connections and establish strong emotional bonds. That is why it can be a great idea to opt for original wedding gifts such as a signature book or a sheet with an image that has great sentimental value for the couple.

Any of these details will be special for them, everything that implies your time and predisposition… is to be appreciated!

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