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These are quite complicated moments. We not only care about the health of our family, we worry about the well-being of the world, the economy situation and life in general; and to that we add a huge concern: our wedding. And not! Don’t feel bad or think you’re selfish because you worry about your wedding....
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If you are planning your wedding and you are looking for a destination that will amaze you for its benefits, cost and flexibility, I recommend you to look at Tenerife. This Spanish island (which really is closer to Africa … so imagine the contrasts), is in the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the Canary Islands....
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Usually, brides think about the photographer, video, band, cake, and excellent food of course. Etc. But what so many brides often dismiss its the importance of the timing and even more the space between activities and moments. It sounds easy, but trust me, when you have so many people celebrating with you, different ages, cultures,...
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Hello!!! Today we bring you recommendations of color palettes. The truth is that the place, the weather and many other factors will make some colors work better than others, but today we will focus on combinations and ideas for you to choose as you like. We are ¨green fans¨. Yes, a lot of green. We...
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One of my best friends is getting married next year – which also means a trip to Colombia! -. Among his biggest concerns and the issues that have taken her the longest, is to define the dress for her bridesmaids. Thinking about the colour,  the shape, the cut, etc…she is losing her mind In early...
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I always recommend starting by separating the ceremony from the party. At the ceremony, classical themes are suggested such as the “Hallelujah” of Haendel’s Messiah or his “Canticorum”, “Lascia ch’io Pianga” or “Heil, heil, heil”. Also the theme “Die Himmel Erzählen” by Haydn, his work the Creation, the “Ave María” by Schubert, the “Gloria” by...
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