Colored smoke bombs for weddings are trending! It is a great opportunity to create magical moments and get fascinating images!

In this post, we want to show you some things to keep in mind when and how to use this element:

– What are smoke torches?

Coloured smoke bombs are the new trend in the bridal universe. They usually come in the form of a tube and you just have to bring the lighter closer and the coloured smoke will begin to come out! Before this happens, you must release them to avoid burning yourself. They can be on from 65 seconds to 8 minutes. Obviously, the longer they last, the safer and more possibilities you will have for your photos.

One of the most frequently asked questions: “does the coloured smoke flare stain the clothing?” Usually not!

– How many colours are there?

Currently, there are many colours! You may choose the ones that best suit the style of your wedding and the color palette that best represents you!

– When to use it?

  1. During the ceremony: The end of the ceremony is always a special, unique moment. Entrust the smoke bombs to your witnesses, and let them create a magical backdrop!

2. Arrival of the bride and groom to the cocktail:

This moment is usually magical, but what if we add an extra dose of fantasy? Surprise all your guests with color bombs!

3. Couple photo session:

Without a doubt, during the photo session! That magical moment of newlyweds; your first photos as husband and wife… What better way to show off with some smoke flares!

4. Photos with friends:

A great idea to capture those unforgettable moments with all your loved ones on your big day!

Do you dare using this great trend at your wedding?



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