5 tips for a dream wedding

5 tips for a dream wedding

Your wedding day,  a unique and special day where the union between two people who love each other is celebrated and all the details are important, so today we will give you 5 tips to have a dream wedding… Where do we start?


You will organize the wedding of your dreams. So you must start by defining the style of it. Look for a bridal style that fits with you and your partner, the two of you should feel comfortable. you can look for different ideas from other weddings and thus seek inspiration for yours. We leave our linktree with access to our networks and pinterest where you will find several examples and ideas for your wedding. Think about the look and feeling you want to convey to your guests and… Start creating!


Defining your wedding budget is a key factor in making important wedding decisions. To establish a budget you must talk with your partner and reach an agreement to adjust as much as possible to it. To make the figure as real as possible, you can make a list of all the services and providers you plan to hire.


Do you want to get married on any special date for you? Sure. Choose a date at least a year before, and you will be ahead of other events and commitments that your loved ones and family have. Once you have chosen the wedding date, you can start planning the honeymoon trip, as there are destinations that are recommended at certain times of the year.


You have already done a great job defining the idea, the budget and the date, maybe it is time to let you advise by professionals in the sector, professionals who take care of every detail of your marriage. The preparations for a wedding are numerous and can become stressful so it is better to leave it to a wedding planner, they know where to start, what questions to ask, and know the best suppliers. They will help you choose dresses, menu, photographer, design invitations, help you with the guest list, wedding rings, the place, decoration, seating distribution, etc.

5. TAKE PRIDE AND ENJOY YOUR WEDDING DAY: We all want this special day to be wonderful and unique for both the couple and the guests, but the most important thing about the wedding is you and your complicity. It’s a magical moment and it’s about enjoying every single detail of your wedding.

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