10 Tips to choose your wedding dress

10 Tips to choose your wedding dress
One of the most exciting moments in your life is choosing a wedding dress, isn’t it? 
It’s one of the key elements at a wedding. The dress, the one that makes you feel absolutely beautiful and most important of all, feel special.
An emotional moment for every bride and definitely not the easiest… 
Here are 10 tips on how to choose your ideal wedding dress!
  1. Define the style of your wedding
      Before choosing your dress, you must be clear about some aspects of your wedding, such as location, will it be an indoor- or outdoor, day or evening ceremony, season, etc.
      Everything has an influence on choosing a dress that fits to the style of your wedding.
  1. Set a budget
      In most cases, it is important to know what budget is set out for you while choosing your wedding dress. Sometimes we fall in love with one and there is no turning back!
  1. The perfect timing 
      We must enjoy the journey and therefore it is advised to start about 6-9 months ahead on the hunt for your perfect dress! After all, you don’t want to feel rushed with something so special.
  1. The companion 
      You must choose the right people who accompanies you, friends or family, or, even alone. Consider that they are there to help, and not to confuse you. Don’t forget that it’s your moment,  and so your decision. Look for a dress that makes you happy!
  1. Know your body shape
      It’s important to choose a wedding dress that highlights what you like most about your body. You will notice that highlighting your strengths will make you feel comfortable and confident.
  1. Try on various styles 
      You may already have an idea of how you want your dress to be, but take the opportunity to try on different styles. Many brides look for a specific style and end up choosing a completely different dress that they absolutely love!
  1. Comfort 
      It is important to feel comfortable with your dress since you are going to spend some hours in it. Avoid choosing one that makes you uncomfortable, and want to take off after 2 hours! 
  1. Personality
      Your dress should fully reflect your personality and not make you feel like you’re dressed up. It is a unique opportunity to invest in a unique piece for you!
  1. Complete look
      Imagine your whole look for your special day, from earrings to hairstyle. This will help your choice. 
  1. Look different 
      If you are planning an alternative wedding, search for unexpected places, like vintage stores, unknown designers outside your city or even on the Internet. 
      Above all, enjoy every moment. Choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable, happy and that reflects who YOU are! You are going to look amazing!
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